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A Design-Build


StructureTec Group's Premier Engineered Projects is the ultimate design-build project delivery solution for weatherproofing and structural projects.


A truly turn-key, design-build approach to providing the building owner with a dynamic single source. Premier Engineered Projects combines StructureTec's engineering and consulting expertise with Construction Services Group's roofing and restoration services. A one-stop shop for the highest level of quality, value added and fast tracked roofing, restoration and pavement projects.

The Value

  • We provide Professional Liability Insurance that manufacturers and contractors can't provide
  • By affixing our PE stamps to the design documents, you can rely on the fact that the opinions, judgments, and designs in the documents were provided by a professional engineer held to high standards of knowledge, skill and ethical conduct
  • Design & Construction teams work together to make better-informed decisions, resulting in a higher quality  solution
  • Due to its efficiency, Design-Build results in minimized cost
  • Because everyone is working under one contract, schedules are streamlined and communication is open
  • Since design and construction can happen concurrently, Design-Build results in faster delivery

The Process

Utilizing Premier Engineered Projects, the building owner will work with one point of contact within StructureTec Group. This point of contact will connect StructureTec's engineering and consulting services with Construction Services Group's specialized construction services.




StructureTec (Design and Project Management)


  • Guide specification preparation includes basic technical specifications and details customized to your individual building and based on current conditions. The guide specifications will be developed for each phase of work utilizing the CSI format.

  • Construction review and administration includes scheduling and attending a pre-construction conference meeting with Construction Services Group and the owner. StructureTec will provide required site visits for construction review while the project is in progress, issuing field review reports for each visit. The project closeout of this phase will include a final walkthrough, the preparation of project punch list, review of the contractor warranty submittals and final report.


Construction Services Group (Construction)


  • Performs the construction scope of work specified in the guide specification prepared by StructureTec.
  • Incorporates the highest commitment to quality.
  • Fast-tracked projects with mutual party time line.


In addition, the construction project will include the provisions for the Warranty Audit Program, a program that ensures concerns are covered by the warranty. This program will be incorporated and will include an audit 12 months and 24 months after completion of the project ensuring longevity of the return on investment.


Under the Premier Engineered Projects program, the owner is protected by best-in-class professional liability insurance umbrella coverage through StructureTec and construction industry insurance with CNA through Construction Services Group.


The Premier Engineered Projects process is smooth from beginning to end, bringing the owner peace of mind.


The Outcome:


Through StructureTec Group's portfolio of high-end engineering and construction services, a total solution through a single entity can be realized saving the owner time and money while receiving the highest level of quality. This unique process allows the owner to achieve maximum return on investment.


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